Twitter Debuts Hexagon-Shaped Profile Pictures for Verified NFTs


Microblogging and social networking powerhouse Twitter has become one of the first social media platforms to build NFTs into its app. Powered by OpensSea’s API, the platform has launched a new feature called ‘NFT Profile Pictures’ which offers users the opportunity to flaunt their favourite profile picture NFTs without receiving scrutiny over their proof of ownership.

‘NFT Profile Pictures’ launched on January 20th, meaning the new feature is already live and ready to be enjoyed. All users must do is connect their crypto wallets to their Twitter account, where they will then be presented with a list of NFTs they own. Once they have chosen their desired NFT to be displayed, it will simply appear as their profile picture.

In order to notify onlookers that the user possesses verified ownership of the NFT, each NFT Profile Picture will be enclosed with a distinct hexagonal frame, as opposed to the standard circular frame which is usually seen on the platform. Such design concept simultaneously combats the fraudulences of pesky right clickers, because as of now, their lack of ownership can be instantly identified.

Unfortunately, the first iteration of the feature is only available to those who meet a certain criterion, with the first being that they must be a Twitter Blue user, the company’s $2.99-a-month subscription service. In addition, the NFTs wishing to be verified must be Ethereum-based, and users must be operating Twitter via its iOS app.

Users must also be aware that OpenSea is essentially a third party built into the feature’s verification process, meaning that NFT Profile Pictures will be vulnerable to malfunctions and image loading problems if the online marketplace was to ever go down.

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