Why A Steam Rollers Pipe or Bong Might Be The Hard-Hitting Thing You Need To Smoke Your Weed

Why A Steam Rollers Pipe or Bong Might Be The Hard-Hitting Thing You Need To Smoke Your Weed

If you’re looking for an affordable and unapologetic way to get stoned, a steam rollers pipe might be the best way to do it. But be warned, because it is not for the faint of heart.

But don’t worry, because we put together this ultimate guide to help you understand what precisely a pipe like this is and what it does.

What Are Steamroller Pipes?

A steamroller pipe is very similar to a regular pipe but can create the same level of THC intensity as a bong. The main difference between standard cannabis pipes is that a steamroller pipe, at the end of the pipe, has a large carb hole, which results in a powerful, shotgun-like hit. Steamroller pipes are strong-hitting and do not require water like most smoking methods, making them more convenient in terms of setup, cleanup, discreetness, and portability.

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A steamroller is a quick and easy way to get high without setting everything up or finding water. Just pack cannabis into the bowl and light it up!

Who Are Steamroller Pipes Good For?

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The harshness of steamroller hits might sound undesirable, but that’s precisely why so many smokers enjoy them. It’s an entirely different way to inhale cannabis. They deliver an enormous amount of cannabinoids in a short window, which is precisely what a veteran smoker with a high tolerance needs.

So while it may be hard to define who the exact type of toker is who steam rollers pipes are designed for, weighing the following pros and cons can help you decide if they’re right for you.

The first pro is that they are straightforward to use and clean. You don’t need to lug water or rolling papers around. All you need is a lighter and some good-quality bud. Another awesome thing about them is that they are straightforward to use. Pipes can be a pain to clean because you must get into all the tiny spaces to remove every little bit of dirt. Fortunately, it is straightforward to clean a steamroller pipe. The wide-open holes at each end make it easy to remove the tar.

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Just run some water through the pipe and give it a quick scrub, and it will be clean.

Finally, they offer a much larger hit while using less weed. Almost no smoke gets wasted when smoking from a steamroller pipe, so each hit is very potent. It’s not just the quantity of smoke inhaled that matters, but also how quickly it enters the lungs. Smoking from a steamroller pipe is like downing a shot of alcohol – it will give you an instant high.

If you’re looking for a quick and intense smoking experience, smoking from a steamroller pipe is the way to go. So you can use less weed and get way more stoned.

But now for the downsides…

The massive hits also mean that the tokes you take will be harsh and unforgiving. If you think hits off of a joint or blunt is terrible, wait until you get a load of a toke from a steam roller’s pipe. They aren’t for every smoker. And while they pack a punch, they are often made of delicate material. Glass steam rollers pipes may look beautiful, but they are susceptible to breaking (especially while you’re on the go). If you are going to travel with your steamroller, make sure it is safe and secure in a case.

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How Do Weed Steamrollers Work?

Traditional steamroller pipes are one of the most straightforward ways to smoke weed. There’s no need for water, electricity, or even much thought. Just light the bowl and release the carb hole at the end.

A steamroller pipe has a massive carb hole that allows a resistance-free air flow that profoundly penetrates the lungs. The larger the carb hole, the smoother the hit will be. The stem of a steamroller pipe is placed on top of the bowl and is used to clear the bowl after each hit. Steamroller pipes can be made from various materials, including glass, metal, wood, or ceramic.

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A standard pipe can easily control how much smoke is taken by playing with the carb hole. This is much harder to do with a steamroller pipe, which often surprises the smoker, making it not recommended for beginners.

Steamrollers vs. Pipes

The main difference between steamrollers and pipes is that steamrollers release a big hit after collecting all the smoke in the chamber, while pipes give you a more gradual hit as you inhale. This gives a massive advantage to steam roller pipes as they can hold the smoke within its chamber until you inhale. Not to mention, they come with a carb hole which adds more control over how strong of a hit you are trying to get.

We must remind our users that a steamroller pipe is significantly less smooth or easy to inhale than other smoking methods. The purpose of using a glass steamroller is to achieve a potent, strong, and harsh but immediate high.

Our Favorite Steam Rollers Pipes

Marley Natural Steamroller

The Marley Natural Steamroller with Wood Mouthpiece is a one-of-a-kind bubbler because of its wooden mouthpiece. The wood is sustainably-harvested black walnut, and the bubbler is made from high-quality glass. This is a pipe by Marley Natural, the company started by Bob Marley’s child.

The Bob Marley family has their official brand, called Marley Naturals. Their glass products are not only pretty to look at but also made sustainably, which aligns with the respect for the natural world that Bob Marley promoted during his lifetime. Marley Naturals is partnered with climate action organization CO2Logic. They buy carbon offsets to balance out the emissions of their production facilities and help reduce their environmental impact.

Purchase This Steamroller Here

Cactus Glass Steamroller

With its cactus theme, this steamroller is ideal for any succulent lover in your life. The raised cactus spikes not only make it more fun but also make it easier to grip. At just under a half foot long, it’s a comfortable size. Get this if you need a new pipe for on-the-go smoking.

It’s a perfect match for any cactus-loving smoker and has a distinctive color and convenient size, but it also has a couple of downsides. It’s not as large as many other steam rollers pipes and not as conspicuous as many other steam rollers pipes are.

Purchase This Steamroller Here

Grav Labs Steamroller by Jane West

This Jane West steamroller is unique because of its appearance and its namesake. It has a frosted mint green hue that looks like it would be found in a millennial’s decor catalog. The matte coloration will help your pipe avoid looking dirty after use. The shaping is no less stylish. It comes with two glass feet for quickly displaying on your coffee table. And for easy bowl-packing.

This glass pipe is also a trendy item, as it is one of the few made in the USA and available online. The pipe is a collaboration between Jane West, a Colorado-based entrepreneur, and Grav Labs, a company in Austin, Texas, that specializes in high-quality glass.

Jane West is a business and public figure who has made cannabis use more acceptable for mainstream Americans, particularly women. She is the founder of Women Grow, a national networking organization for women in the cannabis industry. She is known as a businesswoman who uses cannabis and does not apologize.

Purchase This Pipe Here

ROOR 10-Inch Steamroller Pipe

This company, Roor, is most well-known for its bongs. For years, the German glassblowing company has monopolized the bong market, building a reputation for quality. Their bongs typically cost hundreds of dollars. However, if you want to add a Roor piece to your collection without spending a lot of money, this steamroller is made from the same high-quality borosilicate glass in their German facility.

The pipe is supported by tiny legs and has a large bowl. The bowl has a wide opening, so it requires a screen.

Purchase This Pipe Here

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