Florida's 77DEUCE Drops a New Mix by Ramsey K

DJ Ramsey K comes back to life (like Michael Myers) with this monster mix. This mix imagines what a B2B set would sound like with one of the 77 Deuce DJs. Mixed on 2 decks with effects and a sampler, the mix volleys between grinding 4/4 to the floor house and techno grooves and breaks that will snap ya neck. Elijah Price didn’t make it past the first 2 tracks but we know you got this!

With tracks from the homies Love & Logic and Natural Nate along with Luke Slater, DJ Randy, Sydney Blu and Carlo Lio, get ready for a ride into organized randomness. To find out more, check out Ramsey K’s Story.

Track Listing

1 Windtalkers (Original Mix) Groofeo

For Immediate Listen

2 Turning Point (Original Mix) Sydney Blu

3 Master 1-Technology- Milos Vs DJ Natural Nate and Jiggabot

4 Body Twerk (Love & Logic Remix) GAWP & Gene Farris

5 Voices of The Abyss (Original Mix) Mr Breaks

6 If Yo Mamma Only Knew (Original Mix) Carlo Lio

7 Salmorejo (Array) DJ Randy

8 Cocoloco (Original Mix) Boris Brejcha

9 High (Array) Brox-Bit Feat Aryma

10 Bang Baby (Original Mix) Michael Wells a.k.a.G.T.O.

11 Robot Evolution (Remixes) (Jensen Interceptor Remix) Len Faki

12 Take Me Back (Original Mix) Eric Sneo, DJ Rush

13 The Horn Track – 20 Years (Mark Archer Remix) Egyptian Empire

14 Beyond (Original Mix) Deborah De Luca

15 Sweat (Original Mix) DJ Deeon, Jensen Interceptor

16 She Showed Me Heaven (Radial Remix) Luke Slater

Clover 26

Clover is considered to be one of the most memorable parties of the 90’s in the Northeast rave scene. Find out Ramsey K calls it his baby (so lame) and how the party almost didn’t happen.

live from cloud control

I was incredibly honored to have been asked to submit a mix to this show. I’ll get the tracklistings in a minute.