Team USA Used Daft Punk Tracks During Skating Routine


By now, the Winter Olympics are underway and Team USA used a few Daft Punk songs during their skating routine. Figure skaters Madison Chock and Evan Bates took home the silver, but gold in our music-loving hearts. They featured tracks from Random Access Memories including ‘Contact‘, ‘Touch‘, and ‘Within‘.

The duo earned an international personal vest of 129.07 points with this. Their routine is an homage to interstellar space with their free dance. Evan is the astronaut and Madison is the extraterrestrial. They performed a unique calf lift and skated beautifully with each other. As the tracks flowed into one another, they really shined.

Perfectly in sync with their spins and theatrics, they represented America well. You can really see and feel that they were into it and gave it their all. It’s not a typical setlist for the event, but any chance Daft Punk gets inserted, you know it’s going to be good. Madison and Evan executed a lot of their elements well and according to the newscasters, “should have the highest-scoring elements of the night”.

First, we had the rave horse from the Summer Toyko 2020 Olympics with ‘Calabria’ by Rune RK and ‘What Is Love’ by Haddaway. And now, we have the icons of dance music in Winter. With just nine days left, we’ll continue to cheer on our nation.

Daft Punk Soundtrack Team USA Silver Medal Skate at Winter Olympics – Billboard

You can view their routine on YouTube here.

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