​Murlo reveals dystopian story behind new EP ‘Unearth’


Producer and visual artist Murlo has revealed the story behind his new project – ‘Unearth’ – a three-track EP that dropped at the end of July.

To go alongside his new project, Murlo created lore around the tracks which play to the self-designed illustrations.

“The three cordycep samples featured in ‘Unearth’ were collected by a member of the luddite’s cult. Here is the Grasshopper transported after a successful hunt,” he said when revealing the visual to ‘Grasshopper’, the opening track of the EP.

The illustration shows a ‘luddite’ carrying the grasshopper in a tank through the forest, matching other visuals from the artist seen in previous weeks. In the first reveal prior to the launch of his latest EP, Murlo tweeted a dystopian handcrafted visual, also set in the forest.

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Aiding the fantastical story even further, Murlo today announced a ‘funghi identification kit’ that can be bought by fans, and includes a cassette that promises to guide the listener on a “quest to becoming a cherished forest colony member”.

“Everything you need to begin your research journey out on the field. The bundle features the ‘Unearth’ EP on tape alongside a custom pad and pencil all in a handmade container,” he revealed on Twitter.

The release of ‘Unearth’ comes almost exactly a year after his last project, ‘Primed For Primal’. Murlo typically adopts live AV shows when he performs, backed by homemade visuals.

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‘Unearth’ is a percussive, stimulating, and experimental EP available now on Murlo’s own imprint, Coil Records. Listen to the three-track project below, and click here to purchase the artist’s ‘funghi identification kit bundle’.


1. Grasshopper
2. Wasp
3. Spider

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