Japanese Asset Manager Nomura to Launch New Digital Company


Mainstream Japanese asset manager, Nomura Holdings Inc, has announced its plans to transform its Future Innovation Company into a full-fledged Digital Company.


According to the firm, the timeline pegged for this transformation is pegged at April 1 this year.

“This is an important next step in our digital evolution,” said Kentaro Okuda, Nomura President and Group CEO. “Digital technology is a critical part of our strategic drive to expand our operations in private markets. The new Digital Company will lead deeper collaboration among internal and external stakeholders, accelerate our uptake of digital technologies, and enhance our client services.” 

Nomura’s Future Innovation Company has set a lot of impressive strides when it comes to pioneering the development of digital services. 

The current plans to spin an entirely new outfit from this offshoot is hinged on the company’s plans to tap into the fast-growing digital assets space. Nomura believes in new use cases emanating from the blockchain and crypto ecosystem. It can bring in new value propositions to its clients, partners, and the industry at large.

“Digital assets such as cryptocurrencies, security tokens, and non-fungible tokens are gaining presence as a new asset class. The fusion of innovations stemming from distributed ledger technology with traditional finance gives rise to a new range of services. By tapping into this, Nomura aims to expand its private markets businesses and broaden its services in focus areas including sustainability and decarbonization,” the announcement reads.

Nomura has had a long-standing interest in the digital currency ecosystem. The company invested in Crypto Garage, a Tokyo-listed Digital Garage subsidiary, back in October last year. The company’s approach to going full steam into the digital currency ecosystem echoes a related effort from other major Venture Capital firms to be a part of the growth of the up-and-coming cryptocurrency industry.

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