Watch here the music video for “Perra, one of the funniest things you’ll see today. With a Dembow rhythm and rapid-fire flow, J Balvin brings something fresh to the table. Accompanied by Dominican singer Tokischa on vocals, this is simply the perfect end of summer anthem.

The clip is not intended for cat people. On the contrary, these urban artists get under the skin of man’s best friends, of course, I’m referring to dogs. Everything takes place in a slum where happiness is transmitted through all the pores.

Furthermore, the whole jam is extremely catchy that it will get stuck in your head for an entire week.

On a side note, J Balvin’s sixth studio album, ‘Jose’ features other awesome hits such “In Da Getto,” and “Qué Más Pues.  This time, the Colombian star shatters paradigms due to the double-meaning lyrics. His rhymes are filled with fantasy and the Latin flavor of his productions is on a totally different level.

No doubt, there’s a lot of fascination about the Dembow rhythm which syncs your heartbeats right away. Strategically, J Balvin keeps enriching the Reggaeton genre with prominent bouncy melodies and exciting collaborations. After all, “Perra” is all you need to start twerking.



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