Drum ‘N’ Bass Artists Donate Tracks for ‘Together with Ukraine’ Fundraiser


As Russia continues a senseless war on Ukraine, artists in one genre have banned together to help with their music. More than 100 drum ‘n’ bass DJs have donated tracks for a compilation album benefiting the Ukrainian Red Cross Society. Together with Ukraine came together in a matter of days and it was released on Friday via Bandcamp.

Ukraine-based talent bookers Rhys Bainham and Vlad Yaremchuk called on industry friends as the humanitarian crisis worsens.

“Civilian deaths are increasing on a daily basis across the country with no sign of stopping, with millions of citizens already forced out of their homes in search of refuge. As we wake up to yet another day of war, hundreds more innocent lives have been lost and destroyed overnight,” they said. 

“We cannot leave this unchecked, and we need to act on this now without hesitation.”

‘Overwhelming’ Response

The response was overwhelming. Leading drum ‘n’ bass record labels and artists contributed 136 tracks, some of which were unreleased. 

Among the labels are Hospital Records, RAM Records, Critical Music, Metalheadz and Shogun Audio. Artists include A Sides, Noisia & Phace, S.P.Y, DJ Marky & Makoto, Halogenix, Kasra, Black Sun Empire & Nymfo, Modestep, Seba, Grafix, Monty, Nu:Tone, Unglued, Pola & Bryson, IMANU, Om Unit and more.

In addition, visual artists from all over Europe collaborated for the album cover under the direction of Uno.

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A Sides said that watching the daily events unfold in Ukraine “tears my soul apart.”

“Even though I have never visited Ukraine I have met DJ’s at several Ukranian centres while touring in the USA and have always been welcomed and experienced great hospitality,” A Sides said. “It’s an honour to be involved in this project to a situation close to my heart.”

All proceeds from the compilation will go directly to the Ukrainian Red Cross Society.

‘Together with Ukraine’ can be purchased through Bandcamp here.

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