Welcome to the FIVE Palm Jumeirah Hotel, a blazing luminary in international hospitality


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FIVE’s Palm Jumeirah Hotel offers far more than just five-star hospitality, serving as a standard for luxurious cloud-nine vacation experiences across the globe. Providing an unparalleled guest experience through a glamorous web of lavish amenities and unrivaled dining and entertainment options, with a flair for innovative design, has been at the core of FIVE’s mission since the hotel’s inception in 2017. Located at the entrance of Dubai’s picturesque Palm Jumeirah island, the nation’s man-made tree-shaped wonder sits at the FIVE Hotel’s palatial entryway. In every aspect, the hotel brandishes notes of sheer, ritzy exuberance, ranging from bright yellow valet-parked Ferraris to the iconic 15x15m glass cube situated at the foot of the hotel’s entrance, welcoming visitors into the resort’s literal DNA. It’s clear that nothing within the FIVE experience is the status quo, and this is a key component of FIVE’s evolving recipe for success. 

Guests have taken note and travel from across the world to experience the wonders and delights of the resort, with the hotel welcoming hundreds of visitors each week. Flocks of young twenty-something girl gangs and Ibiza bros are met with young families on their holiday vacation, looking for the perfect destination to escape from reality. Lazy days sipping strawberry daiquiris in the hotel’s flagship 60-meter glass-lined pool are offset by endless nights partying amongst the resort’s roaring nightlife culture, soundtracked by an ongoing flood of burgeoning, booming talent in house, deep-tech, hip-hop, and pop. 

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As FIVE continues to expand (with two new locations on the horizon) and front its chops as a leader in global hospitality, the real question remains: what continues to ignite and fuel FIVE’s imitable holiday experience? However subtle or distinctive it appears to be, the brand’s true differentiator lies in its ever-growing sound. Woven into the brand’s very fibre, endless musical moments find a home under the Palm Jumeirah Hotel, represented through a series of musically charged events and FIVE’s eponymous, newly announced label, FIVE Music. A budding musical accompaniment to the luxury hospitality brand, FIVE Music seeks to capture the brand’s riveting, sound-immersed energy through tastemaking prowess. Since its inception in late 2021, FIVE Music has already debuted several guest mixes, playlists, and its first single from Burak Yeter, “Oh My My”—and there is plenty more on the horizon. 

For FIVE, the weekend starts with Skyline Thursdays, which provide for a night of reverberating house and techno atop the hotel’s signature rooftop venue, The Penthouse. The swanky lounge-turned-nightclub boasts unimaginable views of Dubai’s skyline, illuminated by the dusky sunset glow and the glimmer of flashing lights from The Ain Dubai, the world’s tallest Ferris wheel. The popular pre-weekend soirée slowly found its footing over time as the city’s it event, most recently welcoming South African DJ THEMBA to play a string of rumbling deep-tech and house cuts into the early hours of the morning. A flurry of pyrotechnic cannon blasts and hazy cigarette smoke encapsulates the residency’s intoxicating ambience, causing hours to blur together until sunrise. 

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While Skyline Thursdays offer a glimpse of the hotel’s sensational nightlife culture, those yearning for a laid-back change of pace can turn to Bohemia, FIVE’s illustrious daytime beach party. The airy Saturday beach bash channels the brand’s glamorous aesthetic in a more relaxed setting and has quickly become known as Dubai’s number one beach party. Held on FIVE’s private beachfront area, Bohemia’s effervescent events have been defined by a wave of progressive, commercial, and soulful house music, a brand of sound integral to FIVE Music. 

For the second time in Bohemia history, fan-favorite label Anjunadeep returned to the shore for a Dubai appearance, injecting the balmy air with dance-spirited tunes under the Arabian sunset. Fresh talent like Mia Aurora and Braxton primed the crowd with impassioned house melodies into the early afternoon, followed by nearly two-hour sets from Dosem and Luttrell, who the beachfront with an unrelenting series of melodic techno. Joining forces for the piece de resistance of the night, label founder James Grant and A&R partner Jody Wisternoff reunited for a back-to-back headlining set that sparked a joyous finale. The revered Anjunadeep bosses ignited the crowd with a burst of progressive house gems, laced with a string of IDs, including soon-to-be released cuts on the impending Anjunadeep 13 LP. 

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The FIVE Palm Jumeirah Hotel has championed its efforts in fusing passion, creativity, and community in its service-first approach to hospitality, one that is ultimately uplifted by the musical influences that shape the FIVE experience. In a short period of time, FIVE Music has grown to become a global ambassador in its field, manifesting a musical playground for blossoming talent and dignified names in a genre-bending space. FIVE’s ever-expanding sound can be experienced on its Spotify profile, and almost heard through the included imagery.

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