“Sweet Talk” by TLUXX leads you into a Progressive House-style drop that is synth-heavy from start to end. You can imagine crowds in summer festivals going wild after its energetic sonic structure. While invoking rain fire upon the dancefloor, this uplifting stomper of production comes accompanied by contrasting silky vocals of TikTok sensation Drew Ryn.

Inspired by Avicii, he lets the pulsating bass capture the euphoria of the moment. On the other hand, lyrics make you wonder about dangerous temptations. As the title suggests, “Sweet Talk” relates significantly to what could be a worst-case scenario of infidelity.

Check out the track below, it’s set to be a huge hit.

Believe it or not, way before he thought about being an artist, TLUXX was pursuing the dream of becoming a major league baseball player. Due to health reasons, he embarked on a different adventure. Accordingly, producing music plus the art of DJing opened the doors for him to a fascinating world in his natal New Mexico and abroad.

As a result, he achieved up to 50 shows a year. Currently, he resides in Los Angeles, where he learned theory and sound design at Berklee College of Music. Naturally, his technique speaks for himself and you can realize why “Sweet Talk” is brilliantly arranged and executed.



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