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Shinedown is a renowned American Rock band. Since its formation, the music band has sold over ten million records worldwide. Over the years, the band has risen through the ranks and continues to build a musical legacy.

The Fiery Beginning

As a novice band, the group of Rockstar sensation has risen to the top of the mount. However, the band had to work a lot to achieve this magnanimous acquisition. But, the greatest thing about the success of this legendary music group, lies in the major acquisitions in the incipient stages of this group’s foundation.

The Incipient Intergroup

Founded in 2001 by singer Brent Smith, Shinedown initially consisted of three members. This was after the dissolution of Dreve, Brent’s previous music band. The members included Jasin Todd as the guitarist, Barry Kerch on the drum, and Brad Stewart on bass. The group was looking to gain incipient familiarity through online casinos as many others did particularly sites like Bentonline Review and others.

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A few changes with the band happened thereafter, eventually stabilizing with Eric on bass, Kerch, and Smith alongside Zach on guitar. Shinedown has released a couple of studio albums. They include Attention Attention (2018), Threat to Survival (2015), Amaryllis (2012), the Sound of Madness (2008), Us and Them (2005), and Leave a Whisper (2003).

The Symphonic Success

Their musical success only got better. With the band members blending so well with each other, this resulted in ‘Leave a Whisper.’ The set reached number 159 on The Billboard 200 and seventh position on Billboard’s Heatseekers chart.

After several toilworn and spurt efforts, the band finally got their first music album, which is known as ‘Leave a Whisper.’ It was not an immediate success. However, a trustworthy work together with the group of music fanatics has finally got what they wanted. It was May 27, 2003, when the music duo released their first and blockbuster album ‘Leave a Whisper.’ This material proved to be a gemstone in the shining career of those sensational artists.

The Harmonious Album ”Us and Them”

Shinedown did not begin working on another album until 2005. Since the tourist lifestyle was a bit hectic to record and start writing music, the band experienced a limited time with music creation.

The band then released their second studio album ‘Us and Them’ in 2005. The album debuted bigger than ‘Leave a Whisper’ but sold less compared to its predecessor. Shinedown had to tour heavily in support of this album.

The Sound of Madness

Shinedown began working on their studio album in 2007. They took their time to prepare and work on this album. The band went through major internal issues that would have led to its downfall at the time. They came out strong and worked their way up the struggle, helping the band move forward.

The prolific success journey of Shine Down did not end here but, it shaped into an even stronger marble. The Major release of the album ‘Sound Of The Madness’ was a very strong performance by this sensational band.

Intrastate Disputes

However, It took eighteen months for the band the complete this musical sepulcher. The primary reason behind the delay in the album release was some internal scuffles between the band members.

The fracas between Smith and Stewart were manifest and that created fissures in the band. Smith thought that Stewart was no more willing to perform devotedly for the band. Due to this reason, Smith let the Stewart go, to create a clean and upright atmosphere.

The final result of this album got released in 2008. ‘The Sound of Madness’ debuted on No. 8 in the billboard 200 top album charts. As a result of several releases and extensive touring, the album turned out to be the band’s best-selling.

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The Renaissance Through Amaryllis

Shinedown began working on their fourth studio album at the beginning of 2011. The recording process wrapped in early 2012. The album debuted at No. 4 on Billboard charts. Its sales, however, fell short, with only a million copies sold.

The recording of the fifth musical album began in January 2015 and was released on September 18th the same year. ‘Threat to Survival’ debuted at No. 6 on Billboards 200, and lower than Amaryllis.

In the year 2015, the band looked mesmerizing once again. This time they were looking to fetch an amazing album to create a new record in the history of music. The People’s choice ‘Threat to Survival’ was one of the most successful albums that the band has yet achieved.

A Comeback As ‘Attention Attention’ Album

Shinedown started working on their latest album in February 2017. In March is when they announced the title of their album, ‘Attention Attention.’ This record debuted at No. 1 on mainstream Rock charts.

The success of any major music band lies in the daring performance. The magnanimous duo has achieved great success every time they looked around for. Their unique enigma to perform in versatile style makes them a great music idol for their fans all around the world. Just like other eminent musical bands, music influence has been justified. Their music style can be defined as Hard Rock, Pop Rock, Grunge, Arena Rock, Alternative Rock, and Post-grunge.

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