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Tesla To Open Texas Factory With A Cyber Rodeo Party

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It’s been two years since Elon Musk announced the Tesla giga-factory operation in Austin, Texas. With its grand opening event set for Thursday, April 7th the facility will celebrate with a “Cyber Rodeo“. That’s right, let’s add that aesthetic to the world of events and we’ll stay tuned for its logistics. Invitations have already begun to send, just check out Musk’s tweet.

This factory makes the US’s second auto factory and fourth globally. These Tesla facilities produce batteries and other components for the electric vehicle lines. For the Austin location, it will focus on producing the Model Y SUV with the Cybertruck further down the pipeline. Whatever happened to that mega cyberpunk prototype? Well, it’s expected to roll out in 2023 after numerous production delays. A new Roadster sports model is in the works as well.

 - TechnoSoundz - News from Around the Underground

Now, Tesla is supposedly installing solar panels on the roof with the words on top so anyone flying over can see it. Furthermore, the company aims to take action against potential power outages while addressing The Lone Star State’s electrical grid system. Weather can be tricky there so it’s good to have contingencies for this giga-production.

Expect the Model Y to feature a new structural battery pack design and 4680 battery cell. In addition, it’ll have different specs and fall within the mid-range AWD Model Y on the EPA website. With chip shortages and supply chain challenges, Musk still intends to move forward. His company still maintains strong revenue with a primary focus on improving the advanced driver-assist system. We’ll wait to see how the new models do.

Musk is no stranger to the entertainment scene, where he just celebrated the “County Fair” at the Giga Berlin location last October. Perhaps he’ll do another dance for the people of Austin.

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