Storm Enlists Rebūke For A Reincarnation Of Huge 90S Anthem ‘Storm’


Set to prick the ears of a new generation, legendary producer Storm enlists leading producer RebÅ«ke for a special reincarnation of his 90s hit singleStorm‘. The track turns out to be a complete revolution of the dominant style of recent years in the electronic music scene, without straying too far from the original reasons why the original version is legendary.

Hailing from Ireland, Rebūke has developed global appeal with a unique sound that blends techno, house, 90s rave, and more. His evolving production has seen him rack millions of streams, collaborating with the likes of CamelPhat and Alan Fitzpatrick, earning loyal support from BBC Radio 1 whilst consistently landing releases in the Beatport Top 10 Chart.

A huge fan of the original growing up, Storm has had a massive influence on Rebūke’s skyrocketing journey that has earned him tastemaker status amongst peers. Already capturing the attention of industry titans including Carl Cox, Diplo, Fisher, Calvin Harris, Patrick Topping, and more who snaps it up for their sets, Rebūke is ready to take the original to fresh heights. He now balances elements of this original with his own signature stamp perfectly.

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I loved the original as a kid, the energy and simplicity of it really appealed to me. I did an edit of it for my sets more recently with that in mind, that Rolf / Jam became aware of. We connected and decided to do something more with it using the original parts. When it was done, we sent it to Fisher and Carl Cox who both played it to amazing reactions and that’s when we realized we had a great track on our hands!”


The legendary Storm, his thoughts about Rebūke and the re-interpretation

Storm has been exemplary in his contribution to the 90s rave and electronic music scene as it began to dominate charts across the globe. Standing the test of time, Storm (also known as monikers Jam El Mar, Jam & Spoon, and Dance 2 Trance), has been at the forefront of the scene earning multiple gold and platinum awards including the original of Storm landing in the UK Official Charts. On the role of Rebuke in this reinterpretation of one of his greatest classics, he says:

“Rebūke‘s rework on ‘Storm’ represents the perfect melange of the presence and the roots of Techno! If you want to set a floor on fire, this one’s for you!”


Now breathing new life into the original, Storm and Rebūke are set to repeat history as they lead the iconic hit to a fresh and exciting new chapter.

You can listen to Storm vs RebÅ«ke – ‘Storm’ below!

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