Spotify To Sponsor FC Barcelona’s Jersey and Stadium


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In groundbreaking news, FC Barcelona announced Spotify will be their new sponsor for both their Jersey and Stadium. It is not uncommon to have a sponsor on a team’s jersey in European Football. However, because of the teams rich history, it comes as a surprise that that stadium will be named after Spotify too. Their stadium for many many years was called Camp Nou, which is Catalan for ‘new field’. Now, it will be called Spotify Camp Nou.

Spotify’s brand will be placed on both the men and women’s jerseys starting next season. The agreement was settled at $306 million for 4 years. The La Liga team has had financial troubles the past few years. A deal needed to be made somewhere to help out their massive $1.57B Debt. The new collaboration plans to celebrate artists around the world. Spotify chief freemium business officer Alex Norström had this to say:

“Using the dynamic digital displays to showcase and geo-target relevant artists to Barça’s global TV audience. While viewers in Europe may see a message about one artist, TV viewers in India could be served a different and locally relevant message.”

Basically, Digital ads in the stadium will changed based on where you are viewing from. Quite cool really. FC Barcelona are currently undergoing a major renovation at Camp Nou. The new stadium will be sparkling once finished in 2025. The Spotify deal still needs to be ratified FC Barcelona’s Extraordinary Delegate Members Assembly in a vote that will take place on April 3rd.

 - TechnoSoundz - News from Around the Underground

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