Panasonic to Release AR Smart Glasses in Spring


Panasonic has announced at this year’s CES 2022 event it will release its hotly-anticipated virtual reality (VR) ‘MeganeX’ wearable device.

The Japanese electronics company confirmed the upcoming VR headset will launch in the Spring and plans to price the head-mounted display at roughly $900 USD.

The Kadoma-based firm is developing the MeganeX under its Shiftall subdivision, a development team working on various consumer-grade immersive wearables and consumer electronics.

Shiftall built the MeganeX and its VR accessories to facilitate immersive Metaverse scenarios, as well as hardware compatible with SteamVR, to stand out as an incredibly lightweight PCVR solution compared to rivals.

The Tech Behind Panasonic’s VR Debut

Panasonic’s ultra-compact MeganeX goggles weigh only 250 grams, packing powerful specifications within its light frame, but will still require PC tethering to offload processing power.

The MeganeX headset contains two Micro OLED displays that reach a combined 5.2k resolution with 2,560 x 2,560 pixels per eye. Additionally, the display boasts a 10-bit HDR image quality, 120Hz refresh rate, and camera-based 6 degrees of freedom (DoF) for accurate head tracking.

Also, Shiftall will work with Qualcomm to include the latter’s Snapdragon XR1 chipset as part of the MeganeX product.

Panasonic has not revealed any details or images concerning MeganeX controllers, but Shiftall’s website confirms details are on the way.

More Immersive Products Shiftall

Shiftall’s product lineup consists of various premium-grade accessories for smartphones and VR devices. Available products also include HaritoraX, a wireless tracking device to translate user waist and leg movements as VR inputs.

Shiftall is additionally prototyping more VR devices and accessories, which include:

  • Mutalk: A Bluetooth device that heightens multiplayer, Metaverse VR experiences with amplified microphone quality by streaming audio outputs straight to a PC. Additionally, the device mutes users in real-world environments.
  • Pebble Feel: Users ‘equip’ Shiftall’s unique device like a backpack to simulate the feeling of hot or cold virtual environments. At the moment, Pebble Feel is compatible with the Metaverse platforms VRChat and NeosVR.
  • BeamAR: This is a hanging light, homeware product that incorporates augmented reality (AR) projections to turn any flat service into an interactive device.
  • Project NeSSA: Finally, this smart mirror device can detect the outfit users are wearing to inform them if they have worn the same outfit twice.

Currently, HaritoraX is compatible with various VR hardware such as the Meta Quest 2, Rift S, HTC VIVE, Microsoft Mixed Reality, and MeganeX.


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