Paige & Nihil Young – Mirage EP


Paige & Nihil Young – Mirage EPMirageEP

Prepare yourself for an immersive sonic journey, rich with moody electronica, deep house, progressive, and melodic techno and trance. Paige and Nihil Young’s three track EP, “Mirage” is aptly titled. A stirring output from these two collaborators, the short but sweet pressing merges a handful of genres into a delightfully unique experience layered with airy vocals and driving bass lines. Opening with “Say,” the pair start things off with a deeply melodic transmission of gripping late night grooves that builds to a stirring climax. They follow suit with “In Between” a decidedly more mellow production that floats effortlessly on the persistent march of twinkling synths and ethereal vocals. The pair round things out with “Silhouttes,” darkening the mood with a brooding tech backbone but not without the same finely crafted vocals that permeate every track on the EP. The first but hopefully not the last output from this duo, the “Mirage EP” is a surefire hit for any fan of deeply melodic and entrancing progressive electronica.

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