Parker is successfully creating some hype for his upcoming debut album ‘Getaway’ with “Dynamite. An emotional EDM single that is streaming like crazy since day one. To put it simply, you’ll love how the new track builds up to a massive drop which leads you to feel such electrifying energy from it.

On a side note, “Dynamite” was written during the height of the pandemic last year. In particular, it expresses sincere feelings, concerns, and the intense desire to return to normality. Indeed, there are really great metaphors behind its relatable lyrics.

Undoubtedly, emotional EDM songs are the most beautiful ones you’ll find on the world wide web. Taking this into account, “Dynamite” is not necessarily designed for the dance floor. Conversely, it can be more radio-friendly if you are looking forward to an uplifting message especially when things get tough.

Throughout the soundscape, you can lift your mood due to the feel-good vibes it evokes. Musically speaking, the flow keeps speeding up and slowing down, thus obtaining pure dynamism. This is enough to confirm Parker is a fast-emerging producer with a lot to offer.

Fresh sounds and epic breakdowns will continue to evolve…



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