Nine years later, Jeffrey Sutorius and HALIENE reconvene for ‘Kings’


Nine years later, Jeffrey Sutorius and HALIENE reconvene for ‘Kings’Dash Berlin

Casual listeners rarely hear a story like this one when it comes to releases. What might seem like a standard delivery at face value turns out to actually a ballad told over nine years between two musical forces. Recently shared on HALIENE’s Instagram, her and Jeffrey Sutorius’ latest release, “Kings”, has roots going all the way back to 2013. It was one of the first dance top lines HALIENE had ever written. At the time, Sutorius was still playing as Dash Berlin and he liked the song so much he put it on hold to be released on part two of their album in 2014. But, sadly, part two never came out as the group Sutorius was the face of fell into disarray and eventually broke up.

Sutorius and HALIENE lost touch over the years, before finally reconvening at ADE in Amsterdam a couple years back. HALIENE had written a whole new song for him, and despite liking it, Sutorius was still more interested in the song he still loved from 2013, “Kings”. HALIENE would go on to make some modifications to the original framework to ensure it held up now, but the spirit of the song was very much the same and finally, after years of losing touch and years more of release delays, “Kings” is finally here.

Jeffrey Sutorius has been hard at work in 2021 with “Kings” being his fifth original release and sixth overall. HALIENE is fresh off of a solo slot at EDC Las Vegas, an impressive feat for a singer/songwriter, and continues a stellar release run in the year she got a Dancing Astronaut Supernova nod. Now, her latest work, nine years in the making is finally available—listen to “Kings” below.

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