Moonscape Gets Ready for its First Ever NFT Sale


In a wild and distant future, the moon was once touted as the great saviour of mankind. However, a massive terraforming event never took hold, leaving this celestial plane a lawless wasteland. From these ashes rose a new breed of opportunist, ready to stake their claim to the lunar surface. As a result, vast cityscapes mushroom into existence as megalomaniacs compete for out-and-out domination.

Moonscape NFT Sale - TechnoSoundz - News from Around the Underground

Welcome to Moonscape

Moonscape is the brand new strategical empire building lunar simulation set to turn DeFi gaming on its head. It features slick gameplay, expansive surroundings and incredible DeFi mechanics that allow users to stake directly within the ecosystem, and earn amazing passive rewards and NFT bonuses as a result.

Gamers are tasked with acquiring valuable resources by scavenging, battling and mining to build vast metropolises to feed their megalomaniacal tendencies. Each NFT city is therefore manageable and upgradable with a wealth of in-game opportunities. Players can use natural progression to increase the capabilities of each building, or use the DeFi mechanic to stake and earn lucrative real-life rewards.

Each city within Moonscape is essentially an NFT that users can interact with to get a foothold in the game. Buildings can level up to either provide larger staking benefits, or to further improve the in-game utilities, while upgradeable rovers and excavators roam the lunar surface in search for resources. Players can employ workers, build factories, plunder rivals and trade NFTs in this no-holds barred game of cunning and guile, all managed using the in-game governance token $MSCP.

Moonscape NFT Sale - TechnoSoundz - News from Around the Underground

Gamers have two choices when it comes to building a city. Either grind to level up, or take a shortcut and buy their way into the higher echelons of moon-based society. The choice is absolutely in the hands of the gamer.

Moonscape Limited NFT Sale

The first ever Moonscape city NFTs have just arrived on the Binance Smart Chain. This exclusive, limited sale will see fans get their first taste of the lunar surface, therefore providing gamers an incredible non-fungible domain, that also doubles as exclusive access to the closed beta phase of development.

These grandiose urban kingdoms will arrive via the Scape Store in a series of limited sales. The selection of amazing non-fungible cities will come in a number of pre-built mini empires, each with its own unique perks. For example, “Power Giants” prioritize energy consumption, while “Defense Maxi” put more focus on shields, and “Balanced Builder” offers a more steady approach.

All in all, just 155 NFTs are available in the first drop, each representing five degrees of scarcity ranging from “Legendary” all the way down to “Common”. The rarer the item, the more limited its supply and the higher its level. Furthermore, each tier is limited to one item per wallet, with the Lighthouse tier system also providing restrictions. Full details of each drop as follows:

  • Legendary – 5 level 10 cities – Tier 3 only – 1, 2-hour window – 1.2 million $MSCP
  • Epic – 10 level 8 cities – Tier 2 and above – 1, 2-hour sales window – 600k $MSCP
  • Rare – 20 level 5 cities – Tier 1 and above – 2, 2-hour sales windows – 200k to 300k $MSCP
  • Special – 40 level 3 cities – Tier 0 and above – 4, 2-hour sales windows – 60k to 150k $MSCP
  • Common – 80 level 1 cities – No tier restriction – 8, 2 hour sales windows – 20k to 90k $MCSP

Moonscape NFT Sale - TechnoSoundz - News from Around the Underground

Seascape, Lighthouse and Scape Store

Moonscape is the inaugural offering from the Seascape Network, a massive gaming platform centered around DeFi and NFTs. Its core remit is to lower the bar for entry into this hedonistic world of play-to-earn entertainment. To support its offering, it has created the triumvirate of Seascape, its own NFT marketplace, Scape Store, and its DeFi gaming launchpad, Lighthouse. Together, they will usher in a new era of efficient and effective DeFi gaming to the masses.

Visit the Official Moonscape site >> Here

Learn more about Seascape >> Here

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