Do you still miss your ex so much? Then you will feel identified with Sally Shapiro‘s “Forget About You” relatable lyrics. In addition, she takes you on an unmatched journey full of romantic memories.

Of course, it’ll give you nostalgic vibes while simultaneously making you want to cry. Indeed, even when her haunting vocals have never failed to impress you since day one.

This time, the Swedish artist returns and premieres ravishing visuals animated by the one and only Robotina.

And there are more music videos on the way as the 4th studio album, ‘Sad City’ has been confirmed for February 18th, 2022 via the Italians Do It Better label. Add to this, upcoming collab tracks with Electric Youth + TOMMY ’86 + HIGHWΛY SUPΞRSTΛR.

So, if you miss your ex, try new experiences before feeling blue that someone you love isn’t close any longer.

It’s impossible not to enjoy such wonderful dreamy synths arranged by musician Johan Agebjörn, which give the whole composition a magic touch to uplift your mood.

The Electro-Pop/Synthpop community is actually happy with this fantastic comeback that seemed impossible after their initial retirement in 2016. Anyways, I bet you can’t wait to hear more stories and meaningful messages through the beauty of their melodies.

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