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This fall and winter may as well just be renamed to Lane 8 season. When Dancing Astronaut‘s reigning artist of the year prefaced Reviver—due January 21, 2022—as being his “most dancefloor focused album yet,” there was no putting the sheer excitement into words, with him instantaneously upholding the description of his impending fourth album on its title track. Now, the This Never Happened helmer has returned less than a month later to tack on the second of thirteen pieces from Reviver, “What Have You Done To Me?”

For his second Reviver preview, Lane 8 recalled a familiar face in Arctic Lake, who made not one, but two appearances on the Brightest Lights tracklist and will do so once more on Reviver. The synergy between the pairing had already been tangible through “Don’t Let Me Go” and “Road,” with Lane 8 and Arctic Lake deciding to shift stylistic gears to complete their collaborative triple crown. “What Have You Done To Me?” adds another dimension to the album thematics thus far—arriving as a complete surprise considering its absence from the album creator’s sets—as Lane 8 flawlessly frames Arctic Lake’s blissful tone on top of a bouncing, intricate production bedrock of melodic house, continuing to air the unbreakable equilibrium between the two sides.

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