Kill Feed switches gears on new house-leaner, ‘DRUMS!’


Kill Feed switches gears on new house-leaner, ‘DRUMS!’UaIC1MAS

Kill Feed may be making a name for himself behind battering bass works and while he’s still linked with famed low end purveyors Never Say Die on his latest, he’s switching gears on “DRUMS!”—a new house-inspired single that packs a punch. Percussive, addictive, and funky in all the right places, “DRUMS!” is a perfectly versatile setlist tool that shows off a new facet of Kill Feed’s game, highlighting the emerging producer’s production acumen. And while the track lands as a welcomed stylistic departure in Kill Feed’s blistering arsenal, it still bears all the hallmarks of his sound, allowing his latest delivery to fit right in with a growing catalog of bass cuts.

Coming off of a remix for fellow labelmate, Trampa, earlier this year, Kill Feed adds yet another notch to his belt of “DRUMS!” dropping off perhaps one of his best outings to date, if not one of his most bold. Swapping out bulldozing breaks for floor-primed pops and hisses, “DRUMS!” proves Kill Feed isn’t just a one-trick pony, signaling that more club cuts could be underway from Kill Feed in the future. Listen below.

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