Kaskade Impresses With ‘Turn It Down V3’, First Tune From Forthcoming Fire & Ice V3


If you’ve been to a Kaskade show at any point in the last few months, you might of asked yourself “what in the world Is going on?”. I know I did, and for good reason. That reason, being that Kaskade is currently in the process of changing his sound. So much so, that some of his fans have dubbed him ‘Darkade‘. Known for his love of all things house music, Kaskade has recently gone deep, not Redux-deep, but underground/ techno deep. For an idea of what I mean, just check out his 2021 EDC Las Vegas set. While Kaskade might not fully-change his style, its neat to see him be able to adapt on the fly. It’s cool to see him truly flex his DJ chops as well. Additionally, its neat to see him change up his tracks, just as he did in the above mix.

Turn It Down V3

If you gave the mix a listen, you might recognize some familiar tunes, albeit in a different fashion. One such tune was a mysterious remix of Kaskade’s ‘Turn It Down’, which we now know, is his own mix, dubbed ‘Turn It Down V3’. It was announced that Kaskade would be re-recording, and re-producing the entire ‘Fire & Ice’ album. He is doing so to celebrate the ten-year anniversary of its release. The first release off of the forthcoming album, is ‘Turn It Down V3’. From here, until the eventual release of Fire + Ice V3, a new track will be released, each and every Friday. The concept behind this album is to share how he feels the album would sound, had it been made in 2021. I personally think this concept is awesome, and cannot wait to hear the rest.

For more, be sure to check out his original tweet, below, as well as here. I’ve also linked the Kaskade & Cop Kid’s ‘Turn It Down V3′ below, for your listening pleasure, enjoy!

Kaskade, Cop Kid – Turn It Down v3 | STREAM

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