John Summit realizes his biggest release of 2021 to date stream ‘Human’ featuring Echoes


John Summit realizes his biggest release of 2021 to date—stream ‘Human’ featuring Echoes278c4a 058c00d4186e42d08c82175b848c63b7 Mv2

In 2021 to date, John Summit has released 10 tracks, a tally that reached double digits on November 24 with the delivery of “Human.” Ask him about the significance of the Echoes feature in the context of his 2021 catalog, and he’ll answer unequivocally: it’s his “biggest record” of the year.

“My new single ‘Human’ is the track I think I’m most proud of because it works in a club, but there’s actually good songwriting to it. It’s more than just a banger you hear in the club,” he told Dancing Astronaut in an exclusive interview. “This has probably been my biggest accomplishment of the year as a producer, the branching out a little bit.”

His “club-ready tech-house” approach has paid dividends, to say the least, so it’s natural that “branching out” doesn’t come without some reservations. Although the Echoes feature was of immediate appeal to the crowd at his September Club Space set, where he premiered the then-unreleased tune, Summit wasn’t confident that “Human” would resonate with his following. 

“I really didn’t think anyone was going to like it, especially at Club Space which is such an underground club. I was like, there’s so much singing in this track, is this going to be too moody? Are people going to be like, ‘what the heck is he playing?,’” he reflected.

In the end, the comments beneath the YouTube video of the Club Space set would assuage his concerns:

“Everyone was just begging for the track. I was like, ‘no way!’ That’s what I realized it could actually be a hit.”

“Human,” which marks his debut on FFRR, is the product of approximately four months of development time in Ableton, threaded with countless computer crashes. Approximately “30 different versions” later, Summit’s following has “Human” in its queues, and although it “took the longest out of any track [he’s] ever made because it had so many different elements,” that wait is now over. Stream “Human” below.

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