As always, John Lynx and Demitri Medina stand out with their electronic music productions. This time, the new single “Satellite” leads you into a Future House-style drop that seems to be from outer space.

On the one hand, you’ll really appreciate well-written lyrics full of metaphors, while on the other, a refreshed sonic direction contrasts positively with their previous collaborative effort, “Heart Of Gold.

You can easily imagine partygoers going wild after its energetic bounce and feel-good vibes. Moreover, this is a tune that once you hear it you will instantly be hooked.

Prove it by listening to “Satellite” in full right via Spotify.

Pulsating beats capture the euphoria of the moment, without forgetting that the words here become an authentic statement of love. No doubt, these cosmic verses nurture the romantic hearts and hit you right in the feels.

Naturally, it’s brilliantly arranged and executed for the dance floor.

Bearing in mind the short intro, I believe it simulates a melodic rocket launch in crescendo. Certainly, John Lynx and Demitri Medina activate your imagination in the first seconds.

If space tourism materializes faster than most people think, then, this song fits comfortably with the playlists inspired by the idea of taking joy rides to the stratosphere.



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