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Interview: Tony Romanello

Tony Romanello is considered as an international techno icon. Top 3 all time best selling artist for IAMT with 3 releases all in top 20 at Beatport. “Fallen Angels” stayed in Beatport top 100 techno charts for over 60 days and was Best Seller 2020 for IAMT. Having recent success Orange Recordings with releases Hydra and track Deviant which appeared on Selections V.5 and recently teaming up with Greg Notill with Collective Ecstasy EP with multiple playlists support on Beatport. “Nebula” released on Airborne Black with massive support from UMEK and Cosmic Boys just to name a few. Having reached top positions in charts worldwide and is supported by some of the most important artists in the industry such as UMEK, Ramon Tapia , Steve Mudler, Balthazar & JackRock, Cosmic Boys, Hollen, Ilario Alicante, Joseph Capriati, Maceo Plex, Sam Paganini, Spartaque, Luigi Madonna, Roger Sanchez, ilario Alicante, Loco Dice, Joseph Capriati, and many more.

We spoke with Tony Romanello about his new track ‘Dark Energy’.

[embedded content]

What does the title of the EP ‘Dark Energy’ stand for?

Techno always seems to have a time and place in a futuristic setting. The machine-like sounds pure mechanical bliss. The name dark energy comes from a reference to astrology, dark matter versus dark energy while I was making dark energy there was a moment from the break to the drop where it seemed like the energy just sped up with dominant force, that’s dark energy.

What inspired you in the process of producing each of the tracks on the EP?

I always wanted to be on SayWhat? Recordings, Ramon Tapia‘s label and I was working really hard to make an EP that fits the SayWhat catalogue, While I used some tracks as reference I did have to interpret my signature sound. I have a liking for big Reese baselines with lots of distortion I like using them in my techno tracks, especially on the main drops. I thought this was my chance to give them a piece of me.

What kind of ambience were you aiming to achieve in this release?

The tracks I produce are mainly for main stage Techno events, it’s about those memorable moments people bring home with them after the event.

In the studio, I’m always working hard trying to make memorable tracks that live up to the expectation.

What tools and techniques did you use in the studio when creating the tracks?

I actually have a very small studio just an Ableton DAW, TB-303, midi keyboard and VST. I mostly use Serum, Legend and Dune 3. The techniques are basically fast and furious, I like to put down my ideas in motion.

What is coming next from the Tony Romanello studio?

My next release is my IAMT EP called Starliner, a collaboration with my good friend Anela, this will be out April 8th 2022.

I also have a release on my label Red Channel Records called Stasis Tech, which will be released on April 1st release.

Then we have my highly anticipated debut release on A*S*Y*S label Fe Chrome, coming in June. To answer your question, a lot is happening ha!

What are your touring plans for the upcoming summer season?

Playing April 30th in Helsinki, Finland alongside Wehhba from Drumcode. Then May 27th I’m playing in Detroit opening party for the iconic Movement Festival alongside Juliet Fox, D-Unity and Sam Wolfe. That is all I can reveal for now 😉

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