Instagram Is Bringing Back Its Chronological Feed


Everyone remembers when the much-beloved chronological feed was removed form Instagram. Wasn’t that the point of Instagram – so we could see what our friends were up to in real time via beautiful photographs? All of the people we followed made posts pointing to the top right corner of the screen so they wouldn’t lose our attention as we all submitted to the greater algorithms of the platform. Since then, the app has become a place for memes, stories, TikTok style videos, and the original “feed” has become a smaller and smaller element of the app.

Well, there is some good news for those who loved some of the more original features of Instagram. The chronological feed is coming back. Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri answered public questions about the news recently. 

He said they are currently testing two versions of the chronological feed, slated to drop in early 2022. One version will allow you to pick your favorite pages and those will show up in a chronological order. The second will take posts from everyone who you are following and do the same. Mosseri made no mention of how recommended posts or advertisements will shift. 

He also stressed that the algorithm is not going anywhere and users can make a choice about how they want to interact with the app moving forward. He claims “that ranking helps connect people to connect that matters to them most.” Or perhaps feeds them the content that may make them the most addicted to their phones. 

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All of this news comes following an announcement Mosseri made during a recent Senate hearing on parental control, and child safety and data harvesting.

We encourage our readers to stay critical of these large tech corporations, and enjoy their tech responsibly. 

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