How To Enjoy Christmas Party Inside A Party Bus


Are you planning a mesmerizing Christmas party for your team? Well, Christmas is not too far away, and it’s the perfect time to prepare all the details. Everything is critical for planning a successful party, from the props, cakes, foods, and drinks. Of course, you can also plan your Christmas inside a well-decked Double Up Party bus for more fun.

It’s not often you get to enjoy yourself with your team inside a party bus. As most events are planned at a selected venue, you can surprise them by booking a Double Up Party bus. So, let’s get the ball rolling and juice up some ideas for the perfect night out.

Select A Theme

Choosing a theme makes your Christmas party a unique experience. You can decorate your bus with candy canes, Santa hats, and more, all according to the theme. Also, don’t forget to bring a photo booth for selfie shooters. Here are some great theme ideas which you can choose from:

● Secret Santa Theme
● Ugly Christmas Sweater Theme
● White Elephant Theme
● Gingerbread House Theme
● Winter Wonderland Theme
● Dessert Buffet Theme

Choose Games For The Party

Who doesn’t love to play games at a Christmas Party? And if it’s on a Double Up Party bus, the game becomes all the more exciting. What’s more, the Christmas party games facilitate team bonding and cooperation. Always it’s a great way to keep your team hooked and interested.

You can try these fun games during the Christmas office party:

● Gift Wrap Relay
● Christmas Card swap
● Scavenger Hunt
● Christmas Carol Bingo

Ponder Over The Dress Code

Christmas parties will remain dull without a fun dress code. If you plan to tour the town on a Double Up Party bus, you can dress up as drivers, conductors, and passengers. You can also play the role of tour guide, assuming you are taking tourists on a night bus tour.

Book The Best Package

There are loads of different packages offered by Double Up Party bus. Since there is no better way to transport your guests from one point to another, include many fun activities during the journey. Also, ask the party planners for lots of food, drinks, and snacks to keep your guests munching to their destination.

Include Bar Hopping And Clubbing

Bar hopping and clubbing are the surest ways to have loads of fun inside a party bus. Don’t worry about boozing off because the efficient party bus planners will transport you safely without the fear of tickets. You can also book a limousine part bus that comes equipped with a bar counter.

Why Should You Hire A Party Bus?

Party buses are the safest way to enjoy the Christmas party with your team. There’s no headache of driving and zero risks involved. Apart from that, there are loads of benefits when you hire a Double Up Party bus:

● You travel in style when you hire a party bus. Plus, you will be enjoying the party experience from begging to end without any hiccups.
● Traveling inside a party bus is cost-effective. It eliminates the hassle of parking fees, petrol, took and fares.
● You can book a party bus for only a joy ride. Plus, you don’t need a destination or venue to hire party buses.
● Party bus hires guarantee you the best Christmas fun with your team. You can go to any place traveling in party buses without wasting any time.

Planning your Christmas hasn’t been easier. All you need is to contact a local Double Up Party bus service. It will guarantee you loads of fun with your friends.

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