Gareth Emery, Ben Nicky, & Emily Vaughn – Because The Night


Gareth Emery joined up with Ben Nicky and Emily Vaughn to release the new banger single, ‘Because The Night’. We find ourselves with a happy and catchy track to light up our days with the EDM flavor.

‘Because The Night’, unlike previous tracks that evoke more the moment of lockdown where no one could even think of getting together to enjoy some live music like ‘Sad Song’, this one evokes more resilient moments and reparation through music and dance with another people, who enjoy the same as us.

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Any dance music lover will appreciate the characteristic vocal treatment of Gareth Emery and the euphoric feeling, at the same time, mixed feelings that make us remember the good times on the dance floor. We notice strong participation of Ben Nicky with high and fast BPMs that give us a feeling of joy and desire to dance non-stop for an indefinite period of time.

You can listen to Gareth Emery & Ben Nicky feat Emily Vaughn- ‘Because The Night’ below!

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