Deborah De Luca Speaks About Mental Health and Therapy


Recently, North Italian techno producer, Deborah De Luca, shared a personal message regarding her mental health struggles and therapy. Her musical career skyrocketed and thrust her into a whirlwind of adventure. We know her for her strong personality and passion that goes with her hard, but minimal techno. For the full message, you can view it on her Facebook here. Many fans of the community and fellow artists like Charlotte de Witte, Joyhauser, and Patrik Berg also commented with love.

Here are some key points from her message:

“There are things that make me cry a lot: my grandmother, the dogs in general but the ones that suffer in particular when I come back from the therapy session. I say this because maybe some of you are ashamed to ask for help, admit you need someone to listen or just someone to talk to for a bit.”

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She makes relatable statements on things that make us cry and on seeing a therapist. Mental health still carries a stigma for some, so it can be hard to get the help you need. You don’t always want to ask for it, but admitting you do is the first step. And that’s ok, because it is brave.

“This amazing job that I love viscerally really cost me a lot. It cost me my private life, which I have always neglected. Convinced that those who I had beside me had to understand me, follow me, fill in the empty spaces that were moving forward, and accept my decisions. [From] a non-stop super tour far away to the purchase of useless “things”… to show myself my economic power. [But] ended up ruining that little free time I inevitably had to spend following this madness.”

The industry, especially for women, has a lot of obstacles. We’ve seen many artists like Nina Kraviz, Alison Wonderland, and more open up about their struggles with their work. We’ve had many artists taken from us because of it too. Deborah de Luca and others are here to let you know that is ok to not be ok. Help will always be there for those that ask for it.

“Getting therapy is helping me open doors I didn’t even know I had. I am personally glad I started this journey because every time I sit on that chair I know very well that she will spend those 60 minutes taking weight off my chest that for years has been holding me back…If the faucet loses call a plumber. If the soul has a loss, don’t be ashamed to call a professional for that too.”

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