ASOT 1000 Utrecht Celebration Is Once Again Postponed Due To Covid Measures


Yet another hard blow to the dance music industry. One of its flagship events has once again been postponed. The A State Of Trance 1000 Episode Celebration has, once again, announced its postponement to the first weekend of March 2023. The festival, organized in celebration of ASOT’s 1000 episode, Armin Van Buuren’s radio show, has taken another hard blow due to covid. The postponement was announced by Armin himself as the lockdown situation in Europe gets worse and worse. The lack of support from the authorities is astonishing and, once again, it is the fans & the organizers who must pay the price.

ASOT1000 Celebrations in the Netherlands Postponed

Covid Regulations Cause ASOT’s 1000 Postponement

ASOT postponed. Once again. Not that big of a surprise. The taste, however, remains a bad one. Personally, it’s not specifically the cancelation of the events that makes me sad. It’s not the fact that other types of live entertainment can still take place. What really makes me sad is the fact that the only ones losing money are the attendees & the organizers. Step by step, some steps are being taken in the right direction. Saving the dance music scene, however, remains a massive task. The lack of support for the countless workers inside the industry is astonishing.

Not trying to be the “it’s the end of the world as we know it” type of guy, but this could do some serious long-term damage to the industry. An industry that is part of the cultural and touristic income of many countries. The scene, however, will thrive. It always does. Some governments, however, are set to lose one of their biggest entertainment industries. And this is just another great example

Not much to do now except wait and hope for the best. Hopefully, some measurements will be taken soon. Ireland is a perfect example of how to treat your industry. With enough luck, others will follow the example.

Until then, it’s back to masks & safe distance folks!

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