You can never have enough Ali Berger records in your life but this Bandcamp discovery does its best to slake your thirst. In a brief note, Ali notes “every time I play this out I play the whole thing and someone asks me about it.” I believe it: “Car Park!!” is quiet but powerful, jazzy and sophisticated techno-slash-deep house with a sense of passion and desire. You can really lose yourself in this, the way some people lose themselves in chanting sutras or reciting psalms or meditating with the trees. It’s really fucking good and it stays really fucking good for 9:34, is what it is. More DJs releasing their secret weapons is what Bandcamp Techno should be all about. Ali Berger: Car Park!! (Self Released / June 2021 / Digital) 1. Ali Berger: CAR PARK!! (09:34) 2. Ali Berger: No words for this (09:19) 3. Ali Berger: No words for this (-1db shelf @ 13kHz) (09:19) ⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was not submitted as a promo.
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