Adam Beyer Shares Full ABCD Brooklyn Set on His Podcast


Adam Beyer is giving us a huge treat to kick-off 2022. , On his Drumcode Radio podcast, Adam decided to share his most recent set with Cirez D in Brooklyn, New York. It’s a journey of almost three hours full of the darkest techno.

In the fascinating world of music, we can always find things that rarely happen but remain in the collective memory for a long time. One of those moments is the B2B between the head of Drumcode, Adam Beyer, and Eric Prydz‘s side project, Cirez D.

This pair made their most largest set at Creamfields two years ago, although they have had several more. In 2021, while we only got to see a few events taking place, this didn’t mean we couldn’t witness another set between these two techno legends. Now they have it available to everyone.

Adam Beyer and Cirez D Performance At Brooklyn, New York

Drumcode live Adam Beyer and Cirez D  - TechnoSoundz - News from Around the Underground

The event featured a production worthy of Eric Prydz’s EPIC concept with an ideal platform for both artists. Obviously, those who were able to witness this live set witnessed a unique and unrepeatable experience, a shame for those of us who live in other countries and have many travel restrictions due to COVID-19. Although with this recorded set, we can get an idea of the incredible journey that this pair proposed, the musical selection is sublime and not to mention the atmosphere in which the listener is enclosed, a very dark one full of depth and chaos.

Throughout the three hours the set lasts, we can see how both producers erase the genre boundaries imposed, which have been blurring in recent years. At the same time, they propose a trip back in time, specifically to the years of the world’s first underground raves, where acid house and techno clamored for a society willing to change the game rules in all areas.

You can listen to Drumcode Radio Live: Adam Beyer and Cirez D At Brooklyn, New York below!

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