7 Ideas Of Birthday Gifts For Music Lovers


Choosing gifts for your friends, family members, partners, or colleagues is a tricky business. You cannot buy them something you like, you should follow their passions and interests. Even if you know them for ages, preparing for birthdays may not be that easy.

When you know exactly that the birthday person is fond of music or a musician themselves, you may think that you already got a perfect present for them. It’s so easy to shop for someone who likes music, right? Well, the answer is not as certain as it seems. The term “music” implies a lot of genres, rhythms, artists, and styles. To make sure that the gift you prepared is adequate, you should know more about your friend’s or partner’s personal preferences.

However, a deep dive into another person’s interests still can make no use. If no birthday present idea comes to mind, here is a shortlist of things that will be welcomed by a music lover.

1. A wireless karaoke microphone

This Bluetooth device will lighten up every party. It easily connects to the phone and is compatible with a lot of singing apps. Even without an active connection, people will be able to have fun with it since it has several voice modes and can function as a recorder or a player. A wireless microphone is an entertaining device to have.

Besides, nobody forbids a music lover to sing alone at home. They can take the mic, turn it on, and imagine being a true rock star.

2. A record player or a turntable

A lot of people get confused over a turntable and a record player. To make it clear, a turntable is basically an element of a record player that spins the record and catches sound from it with a needle. It needs a separate amplifier and speakers. A record player already has all parts assembled and there is no need for external devices. They are often made portable to take with you and move around.

Depending on your budget and what the presentee already has, you can choose one out of two possible options.

3. Vinyl records

If the music lover already has a record player, you can look for some vinyl records to play on it. The best situation will be to know the person’s favorite artists and buy some of their records. When you are not sure which one to buy, go for the classics: The Beatles, David Bowie, Stevie Wonder, Pink Floyd, Prince. These artists truly belong to any vinyl collection so your friend will appreciate such a gift.

4. A custom-made pillow

Pillows are a popular way to make the room cozy and comfortable. It adds a bit of soft touch to the home and creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. To please the taste of a music lover, you can buy them a pillow shaped like a G clef or a throw pillow with the face of their favorite artist. It will be a fun detail to their room and highlight their dedication to music.

5. A ticket to the concert of their dream

It would be an understatement to say that each and every music fan dreams about going to the concert of their idols. You can provide them with such an opportunity: Do a quick research on the upcoming concerts in your town and buy tickets beforehand. If one artist is not enough, look through music festivals like Rock am Ring or Summerfest.

6. An online card from their favorite musician

Since the pandemic made some corrections to the concert schedule, there is another way to make your friend meet their music hero: Virtually. And there are services that can make it possible. You can search through hundreds of musicians in a wide range of genres and find someone to record a short video with some kind words to the birthday person.

Besides, some artists are ready for a private chat or even a Zoom call with their fans. If your friend is not camera-shy and ready to talk in person, such an extravaganza will be a truly unique present.

7. A shower speaker

When you listen to a lot of music, you want to listen to it everywhere. The road trips and morning routine are easily upgraded with suitable playlists. But when it comes to shower, listening to your favorite tunes can become a problem. You don’t want water to get anywhere near your phone but you want to skip this particular song. In order to do it, you should perform too many actions and it’s not convenient.

A shower speaker is the best way to solve the issue. It’s waterproof and can easily connect to any device, so your favorite songs will always be with you. A true music lover will enjoy such a gift.

Final thoughts

These 7 items are not the limit. You can come up with something only you two understand or choose something even more luxurious and extravagant. Anyway, whether it’s an interesting custom pillow or a brand-new vinyl record, your attention is the greatest gift.

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