20 of the best K-Hand tracks


K-Hand forever changed the face of dance music. The techno and house pioneer sadly passed away this month from a heart condition.

The born-and-raised Detroit pioneer, whose real name was Kelli Hand, is credited with pushing the boundaries of the male-dominated house and techno genres. In her career spanning more than three decades, she became known for her ability to shift between Chicago-inspired percussion, catchy basslines, acid synths, and stripped-back minimal hooks. Inspired deeply by experiences watching Larry Levan in his heyday at Paradise Garage finding ways to infuse upbeat, soulful melodies into her music, admitting in an interview just before her death “a lot of my songs are lovey-dovey.” In 2017 she was officially recognized as the “First Lady of Detroit” with a Testimonial Resolution certificate from the city, referencing her incredible “skills within a male-dominated industry.”

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We’ve compiled a list of the 20 best K-Hand tracks below. (Find a Spotify playlist with a more limited selection at the bottom.)

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